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Lots of big big news for all of us Veruca Salt fans:

"The band has signed with Sympathy for the Record Industry and are currently in the studio recording the album in L.A. with producer Rae Dileo (Filter, Army of Anyone).

Joining them on this record are drummer Kellii Scott (Failure, Blinker the Star, Enemy, ETC.) and bassist Nicole Fiorentino (Radio Vago)

Hardcore fans will definitely recognize some of the songs being re-recorded for the album combined with loads of never-heard-before material. The album is scheduled for a September 2006 release. Some Summer tour planning is underway, and VS will be kicking off a full-length tour in the Fall for the album's release."

This is straight from the site, by the way. I just went ahead and edited out all the filler, leaving the important parts.

If this tour is anything like last years mini-tour, looks like I'll be seeing them three times. :]
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